Original Art

phyllis diller valentine

"You're A Real Pick-Me-Up, Valentine".

5" x 7" ish, die cut. Gouache and ink on paper. Includes frame.

When you can't find the words to tell that special someone how you feel, let Phyllis Diller-in-a-trashcan say it for you.

$120 ON SALE: $75! SOLD


"Cheap Fish"

7.1" x 7.5". Ink on paper. Unframed.

Original illustration from Josh Von Indar's upcoming short story collection.



true pinata confessions

True Life Piñata Confessions

8" x 10", Ink and goauche on paper




Riding the Rocket To Russia * 9x12" * Gouache & Ink on paper

$120 SOLD


Sex Tourism in Middle Earth * 9x12" * Gouache & Ink on paper

$120 SOLD


Hell * 16x20" * Gouache & Ink on paper

$75 SALE! SOLD!!!!