Men Are From Mars, Women Need To Stay Off That Space Dick - SOLD OUT

A 10-page, Full-Color, 5.5" x 8.5" autobiographical comic about internet dates.

Men are from Mars...Women Need To Stay Off That Space Dick is a preview of Janelle Hessig's upcoming comic collection Rotten Philosophies. You're in on the ground floor!

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cruising diaries

The Cruising Diaries - SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT. Second printing available Winter 2018. Please email if you'd like to receive a notification: janelleblarg at hotmail.

ADULTS ONLY! (Eat shit, babies!)

The Cruising Diaries is a collection of writer/musician Brontez Purnell's various sexual follies and misadventures around '00s Oakland. Taco truck blowjobs, 'shrooms, Santa - everything you could want from an illustrated sex memoir and much, much more.

Illustrated by Janelle Hessig. Published by Gimme Action, July 2014.


"The Cruising Diaries should be obligatory reading in every elementary school. Since I'm guessing that won't happen; BUY THE BOOK. The stories will make you laugh out loud every time you read them."

- Kathleen Hanna, musician.


Softcover, 52 pgs, B&W, ISBN 978-0-692-24552-1